Tennessee Roots

Farm Raised Free-Range Country

Aaron Rose, an emerging yet relatively unknown country music singer/songwriter, hailing from a family farm on the outskirts of Somerville, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. With nearly three decades of songwriting experience under his belt, Aaron is on the brink of a breakthrough in his musical journey.

Rooted in the rich musical heritage of Tennessee, Aaron Rose is set to captivate audiences with his debut EP, aptly titled "Tennessee Roots." This upcoming release promises to showcase his deep connection to the genre, blending country, rock, and even hints of hip-hop into a unique and compelling sound.

For years, Aaron honed his craft, perfecting his lyrical storytelling and musical prowess. He then embarked on a transformative chapter by relocating to Denver, Colorado, where he further refined his sound and artistic style. This relocation allowed him to infuse his music with a diverse range of influences, resulting in a truly distinct and dynamic musical experience.

With a career marked by dedication, Aaron's songwriting journey spans nearly three decades, and it's now paying dividends. His work is not only resonating with audiences but also catching the attention of investors, signaling a remarkable turning point in his career. 

Aaron Rose's live performances are nothing short of electrifying, a testament to his prowess as both a musician and a storyteller. His stage presence and infectious energy have earned him a devoted following, drawing fans from all walks of life into his world.

In his songs, Aaron delves into the heart of country life as well as his experiences with city living, touching on themes like truck driving, revelry, and the complexities of human desire. His lyrics strike a chord with listeners, painting vivid pictures of everyday experiences and emotions that resonate deeply.

As momentum continues to build around this up-and-coming talent, fans eagerly anticipate the release of "Tennessee Roots" and the opportunity to witness Aaron Rose's meteoric rise in the country music world. With his distinctive sound, heartfelt lyrics, and newfound investor support, he's poised to leave an indelible mark on the genre and share his musical journey with the world.

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